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Workshop Kotlin E-commerce

[Workshop One Day with Kotlin]

Hallo Sobat Uda! Ingin membuat Aplikasi E-commerce dengan Kotlin tapi bingung mulai darimana? Yuk! Ikut Workshop di Udacoding! Minggu ini, Udacoding bakal ngadain Workshop One Day with Kotlin dengan Tema “Simple Kotlin E-commerce”..Pada workshop ini, kita akan membuat Aplikasi E-commerce menggunakan bahasa Pemrograman Kotlin dengan mudah. Materi:– Retrofit– RX Programming– Anko Commons– Pattern MVVM– Splash

workshop kotlin android networking

Workshop Kotlin Android Networking

Kegiatan Workhsop Kotlin Android Networking. KOTLIN ANDROID NETWORKING Deskripsi Android Enthusiast Jakarta in collaboration with the Jakarta Trilogy Campus held an Android Programming Training. This training is intended for those of you who have just jumped in the world of Android Development. This training is in the form of a workshop so participants are required